Compare Yourself to Yourself for Your Best Fitness Results

Katy here.  I find it very inspiring to see what other women are doing and achieving fitness-wise.  Toned, strong, confident women are downright gorgeous to me!  I love to watch them. But I don’t compare myself to them anymore. Each of us is beautifully different – and the way our bodies respond to physical fitness […]

Me after one cycle of the 21 Day Fix

Shredded Chicken Stew

This morning, like most mornings I was short on time ha!  I just wouldn’t be home in time to cook dinner. So I threw together a little something: Shredded Chicken Stew One whole (skinned) rotisserie chicken A bunch of organic baby carrots A bag of frozen organic sweet corn Himalayan sea salt and pepper Into […]

Shredded Chicken Stew
(with 21 Day Fix Container Breakdown)

The 21 Day Fix Challenge Group Launching the First Monday of Next Month!

BRAND-SPANKING NEWS!!! ***Calling all my lady friends*** JOIN OUR 21 DAY FIX CHALLENGE GROUP! Click here to see the group! Most of you know about Clean Eating – when we eat healthy and clean, we feel lighter, drop a few pounds and shed inches from our tummy while at the same time kicking our latte and […]


Happy Soul

What makes your soul happy when it comes to your career? For me, it is serving and watching my team advance towards their personal goals and dreams.  Truly the most rewarding joy to experience! Leader development gives me deep purpose – when my feet hit the ground in the morning and I begin thanking God […]

soul happy