The 21 Day Fix Challenge Group Launching November 3rd

BRAND-SPANKING NEWS!!! ***Calling all my lady friends*** JOIN OUR 21 DAY FIX CHALLENGE GROUP! Click here to see the group! Tiffany Miley and 25 of our girlfriends just completed a full week of Clean Eating – we feel lighter, dropped a few pounds and shed inches from our tummy while at the same time kicking […]


Happy Soul

What makes your soul happy when it comes to your career? For me, it is serving and watching my team advance towards their personal goals and dreams.  Truly the most rewarding joy to experience! Leader development gives me deep purpose – when my feet hit the ground in the morning and I begin thanking God […]

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Are You a Leader in Fitness? Find Out with This Quick Tool:

Are you a leader in Fitness?  If you reply YES to any of the following, you are a leader!   1. You’re a LEADER if you lead yourself.  Like doing your OWN workouts and eating healthily.  Doing this takes leadership skills and inner motivation!  If you exercised and ate healthily today (or plan to!) then […]

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4 Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Faith, Finances, Relationships, and Fitness

Where there is no vision, the people perish. — Proverbs 29:18 What is YOUR vision? I’ve found there are 4 main areas of life ALL of us are continually juggling at the SAME time: Faith Finances Relationships Physical Fitness FACT: it is IMPOSSIBLE to upgrade ALL of them at the same time…so usually, we are […]


Common Barriers of NEW Beachbody Coaches

New Coaches who’ve joined Team Beachbody and are less than 1 months old may find this blog helpful There are always barriers to your success that you’ll want to AVOID at all costs…this is a list for a brand new Coach.  Honestly, if you’re a new Coach and you don’t avoid these things, you’ll be […]

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