Julie Seitz

Katy was a terrific personal trainer for me. She focused on the right areas and taught me how to move forward on my own. I still use many of her techniques today to stay in shape. She’s extremely motivated, loves what she does and her passion for helping people is unparalleled. – Julie Seitz, Director at The Coca-Cola Company



joyce kennedy

Joyce Kennedy

Katy is such an encourager even to me far over here in FL.  She is always willing to give you advice and tips just what you need to keep you going and inspire you to do better with your eating habits, overall health or exercise.  Check out her blog it will be an inspiration not only for your health, but to your daily life for your career or family.  She is such a blessing. Love her!!! – Joyce Kennedy, Vice President, Director of IT at EverBank



Kyle Young

Kyle Young

It is so nice to know that I’ve just been off schedule for a few days and can jump right back into my 10 min workouts and power miles! Thanks Katy, for giving us a head start!!! – Kyle Young, President and CEO at Multi-Tasking Woman




kimberly collins

Kimberly Collins

Do you want to be fit in 2013? Are you able to carve out 10 minutes a day? I highly recommend fitness coach Katy Gillis! – Kimberly Collins, PhD, Life and Business Coach at Coach Kimberly International 




Connie Catalano

Katy is one impressive young woman. She is a leader, a coach, an organizer and has a true passion for helping people get to a higher level of living. I benefited from both her passion for health coaching and her motivated spirit for going after your goals. If you want to be around a person who will support you to reach higher in your fitness and in your business, don’t miss out on working with Katy! – Connie Catalano, Dale Carnegie Trainer



Jackie Coan

I’ve had the privilege of working with Katy Gillis in meeting my health goals. She is an exceptional individual who delivers more than she promises and is at 100% caring at all times to get me to the results that I wanted. I would highly recommend Katy, if you’re looking to live a healthy, well-balanced life! – Jackie Coan, Executive Senior Advisor at Personal Business Advisors LLC



Karen Hughes

I met Katy Gillis by chance! When we met and I was so impressed with her energy and integrity that I felt an immediate connection and wanted to know more. She led a group that I was in. I quickly saw how she could not only lead a group but empower people to create success within the group. I would recommend Katy without reservations for ANYTHING she chooses to engage, build or become involved in. Katy is a go-getter, honest and one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met. – Karen Hughes, CEO of Image Assets


Laura Finney

Katy is extremely passionate about her work. Her ethics are beyond measure and above all else, I appreciate Katy for her caring approach to living a healthier lifestyle! – Laura Finney, Professional Speaker and Trainer




Christina Copeland

I’m in a size 6! Yes, yes, and yes! Put on a dress today that I haven’t worn in a while (because it just hugged all the wrong stuff…yuck!) and I was thrilled with how it looked! Happy dance! – Christina Copeland, Leader for MOPS, Dawsonville GA Charter





Deborah Daniel

Katy really knows what she is talking about – her nutrition and fitness knowledge and suggestions will put you on the right path to leading the healthier life we all want and need! – Deborah Daniel, President at Charter Accounting




Diane Nettles

Katy has a sincere desire to see success in the personal achievement of others. She strives to make sure that goals are within reach and sustainable; and that in itself can be and is life-changing! – Diane Nettles, Owner Nettles Fine Jewelery




Isalene Montgomery

Katy, I wanted to thank you again for agreeing to serve as a Breakout Speaker for the Women in Business Symposium. Your time and support to the Women’s Center and the students that we so diligently serve is appreciated! – Isalene Montgomery, Director/AVP at Daytona State College





Serena Waller

Katy is such a firecracker! She is a positive thinker with the ability to encourage anyone to reach goals. Her enthusiasm, attitude and warmth are contagious. I have known Katy for many years and can see that she has found the career that inspires her, in turn allowing her to inspire others! I have been blessed to have her help me along the way. She truly cares about the people in her life and wishes nothing but the best for everyone. If you are searching for someone to give you the push that you need- Katy is that person! Her deep knowledge of the fitness industry just happens to be an added perk! – Serena Waller, Executive Director at Netpique


Teresa Pope

I am quite happy with the results. I am a eating healthier, and, as a result, so is my whole family. My cravings for junk food are largely gone. My foot injury has kept my workouts sidlined. However, I’ve lost just over 5 lbs(in 2 weeks) — which I’m very happy about. Since my total weight that I want to lose is about 15 lbs., I know it will come off slowly. – Teresa Pope, MOPS, Clearwater, FL Charter



Melissa Wehunt

Katy, THANK YOU! As usual, you provided very detailed information to help everyone have a successful lifestyle change. You are such an inspiration and such an amazing teacher. I am so thankful that I randomly stumbled upon you last year in search of a good coach. Your knowledge has, and forever will, be a huge part of my success. – Melissa Wehunt – Project Coordinator at SITA



Jaime Mills

I am very happy with my results so far. I know I could be doing better if I was pushing myself more with exercising but besides having 3 kids and a hubby to take care of, I am a volunteer leader with MOPS and I am in the middle of opening a preschool! But I’m getting in my 1/2 hr(exercise) each day and my biggest change is the water/eating regime. That has helped a lot and my stomach doesn’t hurt all the time anymore. I was already eating mainly fruits, veggies and lean meats  but I was still having sweets and I’ve cut that out to only on the weekends and in moderation. I appreciate your help and the jumpstart. I’ve lost about 8lbs so far since I started 5 weeks ago. Not too bad :o). I have about 15 more to be at my prepregnancy weight. – Jaime Mills, MOPS, Clearwater FL Charter

Vanessa Ferrero

Vanessa Ferrero

Hi Katy! Wanted to take a moment to thank you for this fantastic opportunity! I’m down about 12 pounds from the start if your 10 Minute Trainer group. I feel infinitely better about myself and am proud to have taken some time to invest in me! My plan is to do 30 more days of Shakeology… And try to continue losing weight through the end of February. From there I would like to start a maintenance plan through the end of the school year and then try for P90 X over the summer vacation. Thank you again for the opportunity! – Vanessa Ferrero, busy mom


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